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Squid Pool (Ticker: SQUID) is a Cardano stakepool deployed on Amazon infrastructure with custom built monitoring to provide superior reliability and performance at the low rate of 0.8% with minimum fixed fee.

Our mission is to be an integral part of bringing to life the Cardano vision of creating more fair and transparent systems that push power to the people, by providing professional grade services while supporting the improvement of Cardano and the development of the ecosystem.

Squid Pool has been running since the beginning of the Incentivized Testnet (December 2019) and has minted over 1000 blocks on the Cardano blockchain.
We have a history of superior performance and returns that you can count on!

Squid Pool runs on 4 powerful servers with dual hot swappable block producers for ZERO downtime during maintenance and software upgrades.

Located in Santa Cruz, California, USA.
Running in the cloud.
Serving the world!


Annualized Return on Staking
Average of Lifetime Rewards

ROS in recent epochs:

Lifetime Luck: %

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Blocks Minted

Total Blocks Minted

so far this epoch.

Blocks in recent epochs:


Total Stake

million ₳
Thanks to awesome delegators including the Cardano Foundation!

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SQUID coins coming soon!
Later this year, delegators to Squid Pool will receive SQUIDs as an added reward for continued staking.
After that, you will be able to use SQUIDs to buy ADA lottery tickets, get Squid Pool and Cardano merch, and get access to upcoming NFTs.

Pool Info

Squid Pool ID

Squid Pool Pledge
202,000 ADA
Pledge helps secure the network and increases delegator rewards.



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Cardano Improvement Proposals From Shawn

CIP7 - Curve Pledge Benefit Join the discussion on the Cardano Forum.

CIP23 - Fair Min Fees. Join the discussion on the Cardano Forum and if you are a stakepool operator vote at SPO Votes.

CIP24 - Non-Centralizing Rankings Join the discussion on the Cardano Forum.


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