Squid Pool

Squid Pool News
2020 Jul 31

Hi all!

Squid Pool is live on the Cardano Shelley mainnet!
You can now delegate to SQUID on the mainnet.
Superior reliability and performance at the low rate of 0.8% with minimum fixed fee.

Delegate using Daedalus

  1. Download and install the new version 2.0.0 of Daedalus from daedaluswallet.io.
  2. Follow the instructions in Daedalus to create your Shelley wallet and transfer your ADA from your old Byron wallet to your new Shelley wallet.
  3. Go to the Delegation Center, click on Stake Pools, and search for SQUID.
  4. Click on SQUID to see details like our pool margin of 0.8%. You can ignore the rank for now as it is currently random because no pools have made any blocks yet.
  5. Click on the "Delegate To This Pool" button.
  6. Follow the steps to confirm.

You should start receiving rewards after Aug 18.
As the network transitions to full decentralization the chances to mint blocks and receive rewards will increase.
You can see the decentralization percentage in the Delegation Center (currently 0%).

ITN Rewards

If you participated in the ITN, there should be a mechanism within Daedalus to claim your rewards after Aug 3. Stay tuned for details on that.


If your ADA is on an exchange, you can track the Shelley readiness of the exchange from IOHK at iohk.zendesk.com

Software Wallets

Yoroi should have staking support soon. Follow Emurgo social media for updates on that.

Hardware Wallets

Ledger support was just released. Download the latest Cardano app.
Trezor may have support after Aug 5. Keep an eye out for that.


Staking is here but it is just the beginning in an amazing year for Cardano.

Voltaire for the treasury and voting is already starting public testing with Project Catalyst.
If you want to participate in this testing you can sign up at docs.google.com/forms.

It will be interesting to see how the Atala Prism ID solution is used with Cardano. For more info on that see atalaprism.io.

The ability to issue assets on the Cardano blockchain, similar to Ethereum ERC-20 tokens (but better), is coming this Fall.

Also coming this Fall is the core of Goguen smart contracts.

A lot to be excited about!